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About Underage DUI Charges

In Kansas, those under the age of 21 will face particularly harsh penalties if convicted of a DUI. The immediate counsel of a highly qualified Kansas DUI attorney is in your best interests if you have recently been arrested for an underage DUI. Without seasoned legal assistance you could be made to face serious consequences such as: license suspension, heavy fines, probation, and more. It is important to entrust your case to a qualified lawyer with experience handling underage DUI cases in Kansas. Our attorneys have been assisting those faced with an underage DUI charge for many years. Having a knowledgeable attorney review your case can greatly improve your chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

Most of us have heard that the legal limit in Kansas is .08. However, if you are under 21, your license will be suspended if you have over .02 BAC. Many prosecutors also believe that a DUI conviction is appropriate even if the teenager had less than .08 BAC. However, this isn't really true when one reads the Kansas DUI statute. In any event, if you are found to have any detectable amount of alcohol in your system while driving and are under the age of 21, you will likely be arrested. Kansas courts are extremely hard on underage drivers that have been arrested for DUIs. If your son or daughter is convicted, they will have a permanent criminal record that may affect their ability to get a job and even get into the school of their choice. Dealing with an underage DUI charge can be extremely difficult to say the least. Our firm is dedicated to DUI defense and has helped many to overcome the serious penalties and life-long ramifications that come with being convicted for an underage DUI in Kansas.

Underage DUI Defense Attorney in Kansas

Don't let your child's future be put into jeopardy because of a momentary lapse in judgment. There are many excellent defense tools available that you may not be aware of. If there was any violation of rights during the arrest an attorney can expose this to the court and may be able to get the charges dropped.

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