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If you have been arrested in Kansas for a DUI, you may not realize how little time you have to save your license and possibly your future. You need a qualified and experienced lawyer in your corner that can fight for your rights and challenge any violation thereof. This is even truer for those that are facing their second DUI conviction in Jackson County, MO.

At Martin & Wallentine, we have deep understanding of DUI law and have helped many to overcome serious penalties for a second DUI conviction. There are numerous legal options that many arrested for a second DUI are not aware of until they speak with an attorney. Just because you have been charged with a second DUI does not mean that you are guilty or that you will be convicted. Our firm has helped countless clients facing their second DUI and may be able to start assisting you immediately.

Penalty, Fine, and Jail

A second time DUI is more serious than a first time DUI. As a Class A misdemeanor, a second time DUI carries up to 1 year in jail. The minimum legal sentence is 90 days. However, while the minimum sentence is 90 days, a defendant may be placed on probation after serving 48 hours in jail, followed by 120 hours of house arrest. That is the absolute minimum allowed by Kansas statute.

The fine for a 2nd time DUI in between $1250 and $1750. There are other costs associated with a DUI conviction as well, including alcohol and drug evaluation costs.

Even if you have more than one prior drunk driving conviction, you may be able to fall under the second time DUI statute for charging purposes. It depends when your previous convictions were. This is especially important as a third time DUI is a felony, depending on when the previous DUI convictions were.

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Experienced DUI Attorney in Kansas City

It is vital for anyone facing a multiple or second DUI charge to obtain seasoned DUI defense attorneys that can stand up for their rights. Anyone convicted of a second DUI in Missouri will be made to face heavy fines, license suspension and jail time. If it is the second charge within five years, your license could be suspended for five full years. In addition, even after your license is reinstated, you will be made to install an ignition interlock device.

Our firm is focused on DUI defense because we feel in this way we can do everything possible for our clients. Avoiding a second DUI conviction is more difficult than avoiding a first time conviction, and for that reason, ensure that the attorney you choose has an excellent track record in DUI defense. Our firm can review your case immediately and inform you of your best course of action at this time.

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