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DUI Expungement Time Frame

The drunk driving expungement laws in Kansas seem to change every few years. In 2006, Kansas actually made DUI's non-expungable. Then, the law changed in 2011, making a DUI conviction expungable after 10 years. Then, in 2014, it was altered to seven (7) years. The time begins to accrue after either probation or the full jail term is completed.

Concerning DUI Expungement in Kansas

Many individuals made mistakes when they were younger. Some mistakes are more easily left behind and forgotten than others. A Field Sobriety Test and a DUI arrest might be one of those mistakes which a person wishes they could be done with. A conviction for a DUI can continue to affect a person's life for decades. If you find yourself plagued by a prior arrest or conviction it could be very important to your future to discuss the possibility of obtaining an expungement with the aid of a respected Kansas DUI attorney.

DUI Expungement Attorney in Kansas

DUI convictions remain on your criminal record unless you take positive action to correct the situation. Even an arrest which didn't go any further could stay on your record. A criminal record can be accessed by employers, lenders, educational institutions and others when a background check is done. Having a DUI arrest or conviction on your criminal record can increase your insurance rates in more ways than just your auto insurance. A petition for expungement of a DUI conviction is a complex issue which should be handled by an established DUI expungement lawyer with considerable expertise in arguing these matters.

The legal team at the firm has successfully helped many clients to clear their records of a past DUI and gain a new beginning. Recent changes have been made to the laws regarding DUI expungement and K.S.A. 8-1567. Contact us to discuss your options. If you or a loved one is looking for a fresh start after a DUI, meet with a trusted DUI lawyer who can answer your questions and explain the process. Call Martin & Wallentine for a consultation.

Contact a Kansas DUI expungement lawyer at the firm who is prepared to assist a client to file an expungement petition and argue the case before the court.

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