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Case Results

Legal Representation from a Kansas City DUI Lawyer

These case results demonstrate just a few of our previous successes, but are not a guarantee or prediction as to any future case.

  • July 10, 2014, Win DUI hearing. Saved client's drvier's license!
  • Win DUI trial in DeSoto Municipal Court
  • Woman charged with DWI in Smithville, Missouri. Took it to trial June 2014 and turned it into an improper lane violation!
  • Young man accussed and charged of DUI in Olathe, Kansas. Refused Intoxilyzer. Case Dismissed at suppression hearing due to insufficient evidence for stopping defendant.
  • Older Adult Male charged with Felony DUI in Johnson County, due to .454 breath test, failed all FST's, and could barely walk. We beat the DUI after having several lengthy evidentiary hearings, including a preliminary hearing and a subsequent motion to suppress.
  • Young adult male charged with DUI in Overland Park, Kansas. NOT GUILTY after trial. No license suspension.
  • Young adult male charged with DUI for being under the influence of marijuana in Spring Hill, Kansas. DISMISSED. No license suspension.
  • Young adult male charged with DUI in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Case DISMISSED.
  • Middle aged adult male charged with DUI in Lenexa for a failed breath test and failed FST's. NOT GUILTY after trial. No license suspension after winning the administrative hearing via an evidentiary hearing.
  • Middle aged adult business man charged with DUI in Leavenworth. Dismissed with Prejudice by the Judge after a Motion to Suppress. No license Suspension.
  • Middle Aged Adult Male charged with DUI in Mission Hills - Charge DISMISSED.
  • Young Adult Male Charged with Felony Theft in Johnson County - NOT GUILTY after jury trial.
  • Middle Aged Adult Male Charged with Phone Harassment in Johnson County - NOT GUILTY after jury trial.
  • Young Adult Male Charged with DUI in Kansas City - NOT GUILTY after trial.
  • Man Charged with DUI and other charges in Hiawatha, Kansas. Prosecutor Dismissed all charges right before trial after we filed roughly 100 pages in motions.

The above cases are just a sample of some of our wins and do not represent all of our many success stories. Additionally, while there are many more success stories, often a case does not result in a not guilty verdict or a dismissal. Many times it is best to resolve the case via a diversion or a plea. While we strive to provide the best legal representation we can as criminal defense attorneys, there are simply times when we lose.

Each case is unique and requires special attention and care. Additionally, our past successes do not guarantee a win in your case as each case is unique. We are experienced lawyers who cannot make guarantees about your case other than to do everything we can to represent you as zealously and effectively as we can. I can promise that we are passionate about drunk driving defense and will do everything to defend our clients.

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