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Private Citizens Assisted in DUI Stop

The report came out yesterday that 48 year old, Paul A. Kostraba, was charged with drunk driving. A DUI charge isn't especially unusual news. However, the way he was actually stopped is interesting.

While on the highway, he had sideswiped another vehicle. Rather than stop, he drove away, attempting to get off the highway. He probably did this due to his intoxication and not wanting to get a driving while under the influence charge. However, his attempt to flee did not work. Three private citizens rose to the challenge and boxed him in. Briana Cole, who was one of the drivers who helped stop him said, "He tried to start his car and tried to go again, but he had nowhere to go."

Law enforcement arrived and arrested him. The police expressed their sentiment that people should call the police when they see a crime, rather than take matters into their own hands. However, the Sheriff did agree that the other drivers probably saved lives by stopping the drunk driver.