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Overland Park Mother Arrested For DUI When Picking Up Her Child From School

In my opinion as a Kansas DUI defense attorney, Overland Park is one of the strictest jurisdictions toward drunk driving. Additionally, the Overland Park, KS police officers are very adamant in their stringent DUI investigations and arrests. It is a sentiment shared by much of the community. In fact, another DUI arrest was recently made on a mother who was picking up her child from an Overland Park grade school. Apparently, one of the staff members called the police on her because the Overland Park staff member was concerned. The Mother was soon after arrested for DUI. She was then charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

The mother had a different 4 year old in the car when she picked up her 5 year old. Because of the other child, it will make dealing with the charges much more difficult for the OP,KS criminal defense lawyer representing her.