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Justin Beiber Doesn't Want Probation For His DUI

As the whole world knows, Justin Beiber has been charged with drunk driving. Early today, he and his DUI defense lawyers rejected the deal offered by the prosecutor. The offered plea is a very common deal that involves probation, random drug testing, community service, and alcohol abuse classes. Apparently, Mr. Bieber doesn't think a common deal is good enough for him. Granted though, it probably would end up being a spectacle as much of those requirements would be so public. Imagine the paparazzi following him around while picking up trash.

The criminal defense attorney apparently thinks that there is a potential defense. For example, perhaps they are going to argue lack of reasonable suspicion for pulling him over in the first place. I can tell you, as a Kansas DUI defense lawyer, I have one many cases arguing this 4th Amendment Constitutional issue. However, speeding and drag racing does provide sufficient reasonable suspicion to stop someone. Mr. Bieber's attorney will have to convince the judge that the police officer who stopped Mr. Bieber is lying about the drag racing and the speed of the vehicle. If the attorney succeeds at this, then all the other evidence would be suppressed. The prosecutors would then more than likely dismiss the driving under the influence charges against him as they wouldn't have any evidence anymore.

If Mr. Beiber's DUI lawyer can't win the reasonable suspicion for the stop argument, he might attempt to argue the credibility of the alcohol consumption allegation. Alas, just because you were stopped for speeding and drag racing, does not mean that you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Just because the police officer accuses you, doesn't make it so.

Allegedly, Mr. Beiber is also reluctant to do a deal calling for probation because he feels that he will simply mess up probation due to marijuana and perhaps another drug known as "sizzurp." If this is indeed the case, there is still room for a plea. The prosecutor and defense attorney could simply work out a plea calling for jail time and a fine, with now probation. While there would be definite jail time, this may in fact be a better solution for Mr. Beiber because the jail time may be more limited due to not being provided the opportunity at probation. Furthermore, Mr. Beiber wouldn't have to partake in the conditions of probation which would surely be scrutinized by the paparazzi. Unfortunately, he wouldn't be required to get the help he probably needs. If he gets a second DUI, the ramifications will be significantly more serious.