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Man Driving Drunk And Having Sex

Law enforcement alleges that Luis Briones was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Police also claim that the suspect was having sex while drinking and driving. Witnesses say they saw him driving while a naked woman was sitting on his lap. Drunk driving in itself is a crime, but additional actions aggravated the situation and led to more charges. The suspect was charged with nine counts. DUI and DWI are serious crimes and it will be interesting to see how the criminal defense lawyer defends these charges. It is unknown whether the woman will hire an attorney or whether she was charged.

Apparently, the suspect was having a fun, until he ran a red light, and crashed into another vehicle. The female who was sitting on him was ejected from the vehicle and suffered deep lacerations to her head and face. Police say that the suspect tried to drive away and abandon the injured female. However, she was found naked beside the wrecked automobile. According to a witness, the only reason the suspect didn't leave was because the witness took the keys to the vehicle. The suspect was found with his shorts inside out and only one shoe on. He was supposedly hiding behind a cactus. When he was arrested, police allege that he kept taking his clothes off. A bottle of vodka was also found in the automobile.