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Ireland Council In Favor of Drunk Driving Permits

One county in Ireland passed a measure to make it legal for rural drivers to drive their vehicles after drinking two or three alcoholic drinks. The law had been especially strict, limiting the alcohol consumption allowed for driver to be nominal or next to nothing.

While just a few people voted against the measure, the majority were in favor. Apparently, they want to allow special permits for driving in sparsely populated areas, even if intoxicated. However, the BAC level limits would merely be raised in those areas, and not left without control. The proposed permits would allow the drivers to have two or three drinks.

One of the members in favor of the measure said, drinking and driving in rural areas had "never killed anyone." He also argued that allowing the rural citizens to drink will help alleviate their depression.

Obviously, this measure has come under serious attack. Opponents argue that one in three death car wreck are related to alcohol. They also argue that drinking increases depression, decrease it.

As Saint Patrick's Day is upon us here in Kansas in the next two days, people will likely be drinking, with or without their Ireland permits. Stay safe. Don't drink and drive. If you are charged with drinking a driving during the celebration holiday, call our DUI law firm to speak with an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer. As a Kansas DUI criminal defense attorney, I have helped hundreds of people in Johnson County, KS.