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Sober Man Arrested For DUI

Today, MSN reports that a 64 year old man who was stone cold sober, was arrested and accused of DUI. The arrested man said he was really arrested for drunk driving because he was black.

The man arrested for drunk driving was Jesse Thornton. He was driving home when a police office pulled him over and accused him of DUI even though the man told the officer that he had nothing to drink. Instead of letting him go, the officer arrested the man and tested him. The man tested at .00 BAC. There was absolutely zero alcohol in his system. That would be a dream case for a criminal defense lawyer.

Until this event, the man had never even been arrested before, but has been pulled over 10 times in the area before. The man claims he was pulled over because he was black. He plans on suing the police for wrongfully arresting him. No word on whether he found an attorney to represent him yet.