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Officer Sexual Assault Lawsuit Resolved

Several months ago, we reported a case involving two women who were sexually assaulted by law enforcement, under the guise of a search. That case has now been resolved.

The two females who were violated were initially pulled over for throwing cigarette butts out the window. After they were pulled over, the State Trooper claimed that he smelled marijuana. They didn't end up needing a criminal defense or DUI lawyer, but rather a personal injury attorney due to what occurred. During the stop, the male officer was unable to find any marijuana, so he called a female backup officer to do a more invasive search. A different female officer put her hands down their panties and felt all around to make sure there were no drugs. There were none. This was determined only after the officer used a pair of latex gloves and her fingers to search the vaginas and anuses of both women, using the same pair of latex gloves.

With the help of their lawyer, the two females filed a lawsuit and $185,000 has been awarded to them. The female officer has been fired and being charged with criminal counts of sexual assault and official oppression. The male officer is currently suspended while investigators determine if he stole a bottle of hydrocodone from the ladies.