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July 4th and DUI Statistics

Yesterday was July 4, 2013, also known as Independence Day. Many people enjoyed their time drinking with friends and family. Unfortunately, some people drove home after drinking too much. As a DUI defense lawyer, I find that every July 4, numerous people are charged with drunk driving. Also, because new Kansas legislation is enacted into effect usually on July 1 of every year, it often effects drunk driving defense attorneys. The following are some statistics for drunk driving.

Every year, July 4 is the most dangerous time of driving due to DUI's.

Four out of Five people for drink and drive are Men

While men aged 21 – 34 make up only 11% of the U.S's population, they account for 32% of drunk driving situations.

Most dangerous time on the road due to drunk driving is between midnight and 3:00 a.m. Additionally, weekends are statistically much more dangerous.

Fatal Crashes occur four time more often at night than during the day.

Utah is the most sober State while Wisconsin is the drunkest State.