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Inflated DUI Arrests

Another law enforcement officer was caught inflating drunk driving charges. This time, rather than simply arresting people for DUI, who weren't really under the influence, the police were simply making up the arrest all together. Well, at least it's better than some officers who make false arrests to bolster their careers and stats. This officer was allegedly inflating the drunk driving arrest records in order to obtain more federal grant money. His lawyer will be likely be helping him defend against the one count of making false information which he has been charged with.

According to charges from one of the U.S. attorney's office, Timothy Veit "knowingly and intentionally inflated" the number of drunk driving arrests. He allegedly inflated the numbers by 122. He even included fake names and BAC levels in the reports. This provided an additional $132,893 in federal grant money.

Perhaps somebody will begin to pay attention to the political pressure which causes false charges and fake numbers. As a Kansas drunk driving defense attorney, I have seen numerous DUI charges which should have never been charged.