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Cops Are Not Above The Law

In what appears to be a PR move, the Wichita, KS Police Department has asking the public to report officers who are speeding or driving unsafely without lights and sirens being activated. This is after three deadly police cruiser wrecks, in Wichita alone, over the last five years, which caused deaths after police officer were supposedly speeding without lights or sirens. When there isn't an emergency, police are supposed to obey the speed limit, even when responding to calls. Yeah right. We have all seen law enforcement do as they please without regard to the law. Fortunately, it does appear that this is being recognized somewhat as a department spokesman said, "We know that officers speed, we don't like it, and we will aggressively pursue officers that are speeding."

Drinking and driving restrictions should also be strictly adhered to, even by police. Some police believe they can do what they want, but DUI laws should be followed by everyone. As a Kansas Drunk Driving Defense lawyer, I believe that no one is above the law, including the attorneys and police.