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Blog Posts in February, 2013

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  • Inflated DUI Arrests
    Inflated DUI Arrests

    Another law enforcement officer was caught inflating drunk driving charges. This time, rather than simply arresting people for DUI, who weren't really under the influence, the police were simply ...

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  • Drunk Driver Sentenced To Church
    Drunk Driver Sentenced To Church

    Every Sunday, I wake my son up to bring him to church. Every Sunday, he tells me that he hates it that I make him go to church. He acts like it's a sentence of punishment. Interestingly enough, that's ...

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  • Mandatory Hold Deemed Unlawful
    Mandatory Hold Deemed Unlawful

    The Kansas Court of Appeals ruled that section 9 of the Kansas Constitution Bill of Rights ensures that individuals charged with drunk driving are allowed to post bail. This was decided in State of ...

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  • Reliable Treatment
    Reliable Treatment

    As a Kansas DUI defense lawyer, I sometimes see an average person, who rarely drinks, get a DUI after just one night of parting with friends. However, drunk driving charges are often the result of a ...

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  • Cops Are Not Above The Law
    Cops Are Not Above The Law

    In what appears to be a PR move, the Wichita, KS Police Department has asking the public to report officers who are speeding or driving unsafely without lights and sirens being activated. This is ...

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