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Urinal Cakes With Drunk Driving Message

Imagine using the restroom, and then suddenly hearing a woman's voice say, "Here's a real friendly reminder. Don't drive drunk. If you do and you get arrested, the next urinal you pee in will be in jail, with a hairy guy named Bubba standing behind asking you to pick up the soap..." If you go to Michigan, this scenario is a reality. The woman's voice comes from a urinal deodorizer cake, which is motion activated. While other states have utilized similar urinal cakes, Michigan is the most recent to utilize them.

The purpose of the cakes is to use humor and talking points to remind people that they shouldn't drink and drive. Director of Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, Michael L. Prince said, "Not only do we want to turn some heads and get people talking, we hope everyone takes the message to heart."

If you are in Kansas, you likely weren't reminded about drunk driving. If you received a DUI, call out criminal defense attorney now. Our drunk driving defense lawyer may be able to defend you.