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Senator's Son Charged With Drunk Driving

19 year Alexander Whitehouse, of Newport, was arrested and charged this morning for drunk driving. DUI and DWI charges occur all the time, the difference in this case is that the defendant is the son of Rhode Island United States Senator Sheldon Whithouse.

Apparently, somebody had called the police to report that the driver of an Audi four-door sedan been driving erratically and had pulled into a gas station at a high rate of speed. This then led to police investigating and a drunk driving arrest.

The Senator's recent response appeared fair and thoughtful. saying, "We are deeply concerned and upset by our son's poor judgment," They also said, "But we love Alexander and we will deal with this as a family."

Drunk Driving is obviously a dangerous thing, but we wish all the best to this family in dealing with this charge and moving forward. Even if this young man is found guilty, he will likely learn from this alcohol related event and put it behind him.