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Officers Against Drug War

An anonymous active duty veteran police officer expressed his desire to join Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. He would like to speak out publicly against the war against drugs. However, he doesn't out of fear. that he would be punished by his department and even fired. He believes the views on the drug war is quietly changing throughout law enforcement agencies.

According to the officer, most law enforcement officers realize that the war on drugs is ill conceived, but do not speak out publicly. Why then do they do what they do? Fear? Ego? Their training which begins from day one to simply enforce the law, regardless of whether they agree with it.

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As a defense lawyer, and a student of history, I believe that the government spends an obscene amount of money in law enfrocement regarding drugs, when they could be spending resources in many other more useful ways. I'm not saying drugs are gtood. I'm just saying that I see money wasted and resources used without real benefit to society. Rather than spending money testing blood and sending people to jail for smoking weed, we could provide more protection for society for real legal dangers.