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Diabtetic Man Suspected of DUI Beaten

Check out the folowing video of police attacking a civilian thought to have been drinking and driving.

This is another example of somebody having a diabetic episode being mistaken for being drunk. The cops even assumed that the diabetic seizures was just him being hostile. After beating the man and kicking him in his face, the officers then forced him to stand up and take a breath test, which he passed. Yet another example of how DUI enforcement rules all politically and on the streets. While the civilian was the one beaten, rather than assist him and inquire about his well being, the police ask each other if they are ok. I guess you need to be in the brotherhood to be treated with common decency. Don't get me wrong, many officers are in fact very considerate and take their job seriously as a public servant. Unfortunately, many police use their badge as an excuse to abuse and assert their authority.

With the help of a personal injury attorney, the man did receive a settlement of $292,000. However, it was paid by tax dollars, and not by the officers who actually did this. Also, ahy is it that none of these officers were criminally charged? Yes, we should give some leeway and freedom for the officers to effectively do their job, but this is another example of law enforcement going way over the line. For example, what possible reason would allow an officer to go over to a man in handcuffs and subdued and kick him in the face several times?!? They won't even release the names of the officers. If you or I did those things, we would be jailed and our names would definitely be provided.