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Cops Suspended for Ticket Fixing in Exchange for KU Tickets

Yesterday I wrote about the two police officers who were suspended for fixing traffic tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets in Lawrence, Kansas. I was unable to state the names of the officers, because I didn't know. This information is being withheld from the public.

City manager, David Corliss will not release that information as city officials are saying it is a personnel matter. It's unclear as to why it being a personnel matter would prevent the truth from coming out. If you or I was accused of this, they would quickly provide our name. There needs to be accountability. The city has not provided details about the number of tickets that were dismissed. Apparently, the scandal had been ongoing for at least several years. Even more importantly, what kind of tickets were fixed? Just speeding tickets? Or were DUI (drunk driving) tickets fixed as well. The city needs to be more open. Were lawyers and attorney involved? Or was it just with the accussed?

The case came about as Police Chief Tarik Khatib received an anonymous tip last year about the ticket fixing scandal. It was then referred to the FBI who conducted the investigation. While two officers were suspended, criminal charges are not expected.

Mayor Aron Cromwell said that he expects the officer who was leading the activity will be likely be removed from the city's police force, stating "I think that would be a likely scenario," Cromwell said. "The actual decision is up to the police chief, but I don't foresee any other potential outcome for the one officer."

While many people are outraged by the event and the city's unwillingness to discuss, it is admirable that the federal authorities were contacted to fully investigate the matter. Moreover, the Mayor speaking out and getting involved is an encouraging move.