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Ice Cream Shop Damaged by Drunk Driver

Imagine enjoying a treat at your local ice cream shop, when a car races over the curb, smashing into the table you were just eating at. Crazy. While a drunk driver recently did just that, it was late at night and there were no people sitting around eating ice cream at that time.

24-year-old Marshfield man, Derek Seehafer, ran into an ice cream shop called Sugar Shack. Sugar shack is a local business for Weston. He was waiting for police, after they received a call a lit past 1 a.m. He is now facing a second time DUI.

Robert Vanlanen, the owner of the shop said that the damage to his business is extensive. "They took out the street sign over here," Vanlanen said. "We had our drive-thru sign. Then we had our menu board with the lighted sign on top, and the flower planter. That all got leveled off."

This was the second time that the Sugar Shack has been hit in the past five years. "It was a similar incident," Vanlanen said. "He didn't go through the yard, but he flipped the tables."

If the Defendant, Seehafer, enters a plea for probation, restitution will likely be a condition. Maybe he can get a second job at the Sugar Shack to raise the money?!?