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Study About Intoxicated People at Sporting Events

In 2006, the University of Minnesota studied drinking and alcohol. Their research indicated that that one in every 12 fans leaves a major sporting event drunk. Researchers measured the BAC of 382 adults who had just attended a sporting event, specifically baseball and football, and found that 8 percent of the fans registered a blood alcohol content over the legal limit for driving of 0.08%. The research also found that people who participated in a tailgate party before the sporting event were 14 times more likely to be intoxicated when they left the game.

The study was conducted by researchers approaching fans after a sporting event, and ask them to submit to an anonymous breath test and five minute survey. Obviously, many of them declined. However, an average of 20 fans per event participated in the research. While 8% of the people tested were drunk, how much higher would that number of been if all people participated in the research? You know many college students who were drunk declined out of fear of getting in trouble, even though it was anonymous.

And of course the bigger question is, how many of them were going to then drive? It's one thing to get drunk at a sporting event, but it is a whole different issue to then drive while under the influence of alcohol.

In Kansas, police officers will often patrol areas after sporting events with the sole purpose of issuing DUI charges. Law enforcement will also sometimes set up roadblocks in these situations. If you have been accused of drinking and driving after a game or sporting event contact a DUI criminal defense attorney now.