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MegaBus Driver Charged With DUI

CEO, Dale Moser, said that 52 year old Carl Smiley, the driver of a MegaBus, will be fired if a conviction occurs from a drunk driving accusation charged against him this past weekend.

Carl was arrested by Iowa State Police on Interstate 80 Friday night after being pulled over while driving from Chicago to Iowa. Yes, Carl was driving the MegaBus at the time, and had about 70 passengers on board. Allegedly, the bus was weaving and swaying. Of course wind could easily of caused a huge bus to do those things. In fact, passengers thought wind was causing it. Thus, if that's the sole reason the officer pulled the bus over, there could potentially be a suppression issue for the criminal defense lawyers to look into. While the case isn't a Kansas case, recent Kansas legal cases have stated that vehicles are not trains on rails and some weaving does not give rise to allow officers to automatically pull someone over. As a DUI attorney, this is something I would look into if it was in Kansas.

When Carl was pulled over, police noticed the smell of alcohol, admitted to drinking, and failed field sobriety tests.

Dale Moser, the CEO of MegaBus's parent company Coach USA, stated, "We have zero tolerance for such actions," Carl is suspended pending a conviction.

Carl has a previous DUI conviction, which occurred more than three years ago. However, he had a clean commercial drivers license in Illinois.