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Homecoming Queen Charged

The homecoming queen for Elyria High School in Ohio was charged for possession of alcohol. This is commonly referred to as an MIP. Seventeen year old Emily Norris was also cited with obstructing official business. The charges came as a result of police being called about a loud party at her house.

Elyria high school Principal, Thomas Jama said, "She is a wonderful student who made a poor choice," There will be no additional school consequences because the alcohol was not at a school event or on school property.

Interestingly, the homecoming queen was not even drinking! When police arrived at her home around in after midnight, they observed teenagers both outside and inside the home. The house went dark and quite when officers knocked on the door. The officers proceeded to have a vehicle towed for blocking the sidewalk and street. They then waited at both ends of the street, blocking the exits. Several minutes later, about 20 teenagers left the home and then ran away when officers approached.

An officer approached the teens, but the homecoming queen locked the door. The homecoming queen eventually unlocked the door to keep the officer from damaging the door. She was then arrested.

There sounds like there may be a potential suppression issue! Come on officers, she wasn't even drinking. And obstruction for locking her door?!? There is a thing called the 4th Amendment. I hope Emily Norris gets the best criminal defense lawyer in her jurisdiction.

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