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Drunk Driving Officer Kills Pedestrian

Officer Luic Arnao, was charged after running someone over while the officer was drinking and driving. Officer Arnao was off-duty at the time of the incident. Even though his blood alcohol level registered below the legal limit, he was still charged with a driving while intoxicated. Despite his BAC being under the legal limit, Officer Luis Arnao, 25, looked "tanked" and smelled of alcohol and had "watery and glassy eyes." This contributed to the prosecutor charging him. Arnao blew a .07 on his breath test, surpassing the state's .05 legal threshold for impairment but falling short of the .08 reading that proves intoxication

Sadly, the victim who the officer ran over died. The victim was 22 year old Bronx man, Tyre Chisholm. The drunk driving officer ran over Chisholm with his 2011 Honda Accord. The officer was released after posting a $20,000 bond.