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Woman Escapes From Court After Probation Violation

Christina Parks had been convicted and sentenced for a DUI in Georgia. Last July she was awarded two years of probation, in lieu of going to jail. Unfortunately, she was not successful in completing her probation. In fact, she was later found to have violated the term of her probation and ordered to do her jail time. Apparently, she was driving drunk again as well as other allegations. After the judge ordered her jail time, Parks waited in handcuffs, at the court, for the jail transport van to take her to jail. However, she was able to slip out of her handcuffs and the restraint chair. She then convinced a stranger to give her a ride.

Police were able to track her down to an ex-boyfriend's house, where they surrounded the home and waited for her to appear. Eventually, they saw Parks look out a window. Law enforcement entered the home, arrested Parks, and charged her with escape, parole violation, and obstruction of official police duty.

The county sheriff's department is now tightening security at the court to prevent this from happening again.

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