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Man Sentenced to Life for Drunk Driving

54 year old, Bobby Stovall was drunk-driving in Round Rock, Texas, when he weaved through lanes of traffic and hit another vehicle, injuring the driver. Bobby's blood alcohol concentration was .32. Bobby ended up being sentenced on this with for his 9th drunk driving conviction! The judge ended up sentencing Bobby to a life prison sentence. Not only did he have 8 prior drunk driving convictions, but he also had a criminal record for numerous other crimes. Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley said, "This is someone who very deliberately has refused to make changes and continued to get drunk and get in a car and before he kills someone we decided to put him away,"

Some people would argue Bobby got what he deserved and that this is the best thing to protect society and keep him off the streets. Otherwise, he will surely go out and do it again as he has time after time. However, some believe that Bobby's sentence was too harsh. DUI defense attorney Lawrence Taylor said, "This guy has a disease, he is an alcoholic and this isn't the kind of situation where he's acting with malice to hurt people." "He has a serious problem and I hope the days are past where we think alcoholism is something you choose," said Lawrence.

Bobby would be eligible for parole in five years, but depending on his conduct in prison, that could be as long as 10 to 15 years.