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Coach Pinkel's In-Car Drunk Driving Arrest Video

As a DUI lawyer, I have seen hundreds of in-car videos of drunk driving investigations. The one I just saw was a bit unique as it was of Mizzouri football headcoach, Gary Pinkel. Coach Pinkel was clear with the officer, that he was "very nervous." Coach Pinkel also admitted that he had a couple of jumbo glasses of red wine. H e also admitted to taking two prescription drugs, both Ambian and Lipitor. Yes, you can get a drunk driving conviction, if you are impaired due to LEGAL prescription medication, even if alcohol wasn't involved!

Coach Pinkel failed several field sobriety tests and even stated that he couldn't do those even if he was sober. Ouch. Coach Pinkel refused the PBT (breath test) out on the field. He was then arrested for DWI. (driving while intoxicated)

Coach Pinkel pleaded guilty on November 18, 2011 to a first time DWI which is a Class B. His license shall be suspended for 30 days and he will be on probation for two years. Additionally, he is not allowed to attend and coach his team's game today against Texas Tech. Perhaps the arresting officer was a Texas Tech fan? Furthermore, the school has punished him in numerous other ways, including docking his pay and preventing him from obtaining any bonuses such as bowl incentives. However, he might not make a bowl game anyway.