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9 Year Old Designated Driver

We all support having a DD, a designated driver for a night out, right? It can prevent you from getting a DUI. However, it could lead to other charges, if you don't choose your designated driver wisely. This past weekend, a Wyoming man was charged with child neglect while visiting Orlando, Florida. Why? Because his 9 year old son was the designated driver! After the 31 year old father felt that he and his wife were too intoxicated to drive, he put his 9 year behind the wheel of the vehicle to drive them. I guess his son's video game ability to drive cartoon cars around was sufficient training to satisfy dad. Unfortunately, the 9 year old drove into a security gate. Law enforcement witnessed the crash. Father, Nathan Sikkenga, did however avoid the drunk driving charge. Alas, he wasn't driving. Dad better hire an attorney for this one. Perhaps his criminal defense lawyer can argue dad was simply demonstrating to his child what not to do?!?