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$2.7 Million Awarded to Victim of Drunk Driving Wreck

In April 2010, Gerardo Razo was smashed into by a drunk driver. He ended up being hooked to a respirator in a hospital room with many serious injuries. The drunken driver, Stephanie Cerda, was going the wrong way on Interstate 35 in San Antonio, when she ran into him headlong. Reports showed that she had a mixture of alcohol, Xanax, Valium, Vicodin, and Cocaine in her system. Additionally, her license was suspended while she was driving. Two months after this incident, she was arrested again for drunk driving. And then came a third!

Razo filed a civil lawsuit against Cerda and was recently awarded a $2.7 million judgment. Unfortunately, Razo will probably not see a dime of the $2.7 million judgment, because Cerda didn't have any insurance.

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