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Forced Resignation After Officer Falsifies PBT Results

Erik Norman, of the Richmond County Sheriff's Office in Virginia was forced to resign on October 19, 2011. A prosecutor reported that the former officer told her that he had falsified readings from a PBT.

An internal affairs investigation ensued, in which Norman told them that he had done it only "once or twice," but couldn't recall exactly which cases he did it in. Well, if you had been charged with a DUI by this cop, perhaps it was YOUR case. Who knows, right?!? Norman's credibility is gone.

Norman was hired in July 2002 as a guard. In March 2009, he was transferred to be part of the DUI task force. He ended up arresting between 250 and 400 people.

Falsifying evidence is a felony, but it is unlikely charges will be pursued. Additionally, he should lose his certification, as he still retains it.

As a DUI defense lawyer, I often wonder how many times things like this happen? I just finished a couple day jury trial, where the officer chose to not let the video camera record the actual administration of the Intoxilyzer 8000. It makes you wonder.