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    Kansas DUI Lawyer

    What To Do First If You Are Charged With Drunk Driving

    One of the first things you should do is hire the best DUI lawyer you can find. Our firm has helped hundreds of clients who were arrested for a DUI. After a DUI arrest, many questions can arise. Being arrested for a DUI can be very alarming and embarrassing. It is extremely important to ensure that the representation you entrust with your case is highly experienced and knowledgeable in Kansas DUI laws. No one should have to handle this burden alone. One of the most prominent questions that arise after a DUI charge is: what should I do first? Answering this question can have a pronounced effect on the outcome of your case. One of the most urgent issues after a DUI arrest is license suspension.

    Kansas law provides you with 14 days to schedule an administrative hearing. Administrative hearings require the assistance of seasoned attorneys if one wishes to save his or her license from suspension. If you would like to set up an administrative hearing and better your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome, speak with a Kansas DUI attorney can inform you of your best course of action at this time and thoroughly review your case. The administrative hearing deals specifically with the chemical testing refused or failed in your case. Kansas utilizes three forms of chemical tetsing: breath test, blood test, and UA.

    What will we do for you when you hire us?

    1. Make an entry of appearance on your behalf. As your DUI defense lawyer, we let the courts and prosecutors know that we are officially representing you.

    2. Make an official request for an administrative hearing. If this isn't done right away, your license will be automatically suspended.

    3. Obtain police reports, in-car videos, booking videos, Intox Logs, and other eivdence.

    4. Legally evaluate all evidence. Research potential legal defenses and issues.

    5. Discuss with you what your potential defenses and legal options are.

    6. Make your court appearances for you. Eventually you will have to appear, but generally, as your criminal defense lawyer, we can make your court appearances for you as we are fully researching your issues.

    7. Negotiate with the prosecutor if you decide settlement or some plea arrangement may be in your best interest. If a plea is not the direction we are headed, negotiation may still be important as we discuss evidentiary issues for trial.

    8. File Motions. These motions can include, suppression issues, motions to compel, Frye hearings, or etc.

    9. Litigate the filed motions through evidentiary hearings.

    10. Conduct Trial.

    11. Getting a Not Guilty verdict, or having the case dismissed is the ultimate goal. If this doesn't happen, we can automatically appeal your drunk driving case to the district court if you were before a magistrate or municipal judge.

    12. Conduct a Jury Trial. The outcome of this and other rullings made by the judge can potentially be appealed to the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court.

    13. Conduct the Administriative Hearing. The outcome of this hearing can be appealed to the district court. The District Court ruling can then be appealed as well.

    14. All along the way, we will provide you experienced legal advice and do everything possible to defend you.

    DUI Attorney in Jonnson County, KS

    It is important to understand that there are two separate proceedings that take place when one is arrested for a DUI. One is the criminal case. This case is concerned with whether or not the person accused of the DUI is actually guilty. The other aspect of the DUI case is a separate administrative hearing. This hearing is concerned only with whether or not the individual will be allowed to keep his or her license. In some cases, an attorney can assist the individual facing license suspension with obtaining a permit that allows them to drive to and from work and other important places. Speak with a defense attorney from the firm today so that you can better understand your options at this time.

    Contact a Kansas DUI lawyer from the firm today so that your case can be reviewed. We practice extensively and have represented hundreds of clients throughout Johnson County and cities including Olathe, Gardner, Lenexa, Overland Park, Shawnee, Leawood, and Kansas City.

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