After your license is suspended from a DUI conviction, Kansas will require an SR-22 prior to reinstating the driver's license. This occurs after convictions such as DUI, driving while suspended, or driving without insurance. After a drunk driving conviction, Kansas will require the driver to have an SR-22 filed with their office prior to reinstating the driver's license. To file an SR-22, the driver has their auto insurance company file the necessary form with the Kansas Department of Revenue, which provides proof of financial responsibility. You will have to instruct your insurance company to provide the SR-22 to Kansas, as your insurance company wouldn't otherwise know to do this on your behalf. Unfortunately, your insurance company will then likely run a background driver check. If they show a DUI conviction, they might indeed raise your rates or even cancel your policy. You may be tempted to ignore this SR-22 requirement as you don't want your insurance company to find out about the DUI conviction. However, the SR-22 is required before Kansas will reinstate your license. Obtaining the SR22 is more expensive than regular insurance as it is considered high risk insurance. You will generally be required to have this insurance for a year. If you cancel prior to a year, the insurance company will notify Kansas.