Blog Posts in June, 2013

  • 14-Jun-2013

    Be Careful When You Order Delivery

    On Wednesday, 23 year old Brenton Michael Wolf, was charged with unlawful possession of paraphernalia and cultivation of marijuana. The way the charges came about are very odd though and it will be interesting to see how the attorney addresses the ...
  • 10-Jun-2013

    Sober Man Arrested For DUI

    Today, MSN reports that a 64 year old man who was stone cold sober, was arrested and accused of DUI. The arrested man said he was really arrested for drunk driving because he was black. The man arrested for drunk driving was Jesse Thornton. He was ...
  • 7-Jun-2013

    The Arrest Must Be From An Alcohol Related Offense To Require Testing

    Refusing to submit to a blood, breath, or other chemical test which tests for BAC levels is now a crime in Kansas. This obviously raises defense complications for us DUI defense lawyers. However, the Kansas Supreme Court has clarified, that the ...

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