Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • 28-Sep-2012

    DUI While Riding A Horse?

    Uggggg! Someone was recently charged in Kansas with DUI while riding….wait for…wait for it…. A HORSE! Really?!? Yep. The attorney in this case will have his hands full arguing whether it should apply. The good news is, this may ...
  • 12-Sep-2012

    Stop Allowed Even Though Police Were Stopping Someone Else

    In 2010, the Kansas Court of Appeals determined that brief detention of a driver who had pulled over, pursuant to law enforcement pulling someone else over, did not violate the Fourth Amendment The case was State v. Reiss 45 Kan.App.2d 85, 244 P.3d ...
  • 7-Sep-2012

    Crawford Case Allowed Stop Without Bad Driving

    In my legal blogs, I've been discussing reasonable suspicion and what justifies the police to stop a vehicle. As a criminal defense lawyer I litigate drunk driving cases and this issue comes up often. In fact, the stop is one of the first things ...

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