Blog Posts in June, 2012

  • 29-Jun-2012

    New Case Regarding Extended Detention Of Suspect

    The Kansas Court of Apeels recently decided a case regarding the 4th Amendment, probable cause, and detaining a person. As a criminal defense attorney, it will likely be a helpful case when attempting to suppress illegally obatined evidence against ...
  • 14-Jun-2012

    Huge Marijuana Bust

    After a four year investigation by federal law enforcement, 25 people are facing charges related to marijuana trafficking and conspiracy. U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom's office said, "Multiple arrests are being made in Johnson and Douglas ...
  • 12-Jun-2012

    Law Enforcement Selling Meth?

    Former Sabetha police officer, Ryan Bruggerman, in Holton Kansas, was arrested last Thursday on charges of stealing methamphetamine from police evidence room. He allegedly then sold the meth. The charges followed an investigation conducted by the ...
  • 6-Jun-2012

    Checkpoint Ruse Deemed Unconstitutional

    As a DUI defense lawyer, I am often asked about checkpoints. Checkpoints are planned stops along a road, where law enforcement stops vehicles and checks for drugs and sobriety. Yes, so long as procedure is followed, these checkpoints are generally ...
  • 4-Jun-2012

    New Case Regarding Expungement

    Over the years, DUI expungement law has changed. Prior to July 1, 2006, a person could get DUI expunged. However, the legislature made it illegal after that. Despite that law, our law firm was able to get drunk driving expungements for our clients ...

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