Blog Posts in February, 2012

  • 24-Feb-2012

    Lawrence Kansas Officer No Longer With Police Force

    One of the two Lawrence, KS police officers who were recently suspended has been fired. As discussed previously in my blog, two officers were suspended for a ticket fixing scandal where traffic tickets were fixed in exchange for KU basketball ...
  • 20-Feb-2012

    According to The Kansas Supreme Court, You Can't Be Both Reckless and Intentional

    The Kansas Supreme Court just recently decided the following case. In their decision, the judges stated that a person cannot be both reckless and intentional. The Court stated, "The mental state of recklessness is incompatible with a mental ...
  • 17-Feb-2012

    Cops Suspended for Ticket Fixing in Exchange for KU Tickets

    Yesterday I wrote about the two police officers who were suspended for fixing traffic tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets in Lawrence, Kansas. I was unable to state the names of the officers, because I didn't know. This information is ...
  • 16-Feb-2012

    Police Officers Suspended Following KU Ticket Investigation By FBI

    Two police officers for the Lawrence police department where recently suspended. Apparently, they were connected to a scandal involving sporting tickets for KU. The suspensions occurred after an FBI investigation regarding traffic tickets being fixed ...
  • 13-Feb-2012

    Feds Taking Over DUI

    Drunk Driving Laws are a state issues. As a DUI defense attorney, I am regularly in the County District Courts for the State of Kansas. My legal practice rarely takes me into the federal courts, where I have only done one jury trial. All my other ...
  • 9-Feb-2012

    Diabtetic Man Suspected of DUI Beaten

    Check out the folowing video of police attacking a civilian thought to have been drinking and driving. This is another example of somebody having a diabetic episode being mistaken for being drunk. The cops even assumed that the diabetic seizures was ...
  • 7-Feb-2012

    Supreme Court GPS Case Discussed

    I was watching "Thirty Rock" last night on NetFlix and laughed when one of the characters stated he didn't have a cell phone because "he wasn't going to have a government tracking device on him." The character was made out ...
  • 6-Feb-2012

    Parking Ticket Appeal

    As a traffic lawyer, I mainly deal with drunk driving cases, but sometimes I might deal with a regular speeding ticket. Due to the legal fees and expense of appeals, I have only appealed one speeding ticket from the city court. However, I recently ...
  • 3-Feb-2012

    Big Breasts a Defense in a DUI Case?

    As a DUI defense lawyer I have argued numerous different defenses regarding standardized field sobriety testing. I have not however argued this new "big breasts" defense a lady recently argued during her DUI investigation, which led to her ...

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