Attorney Profiles

Attorney Profiles

Jerry Wallentine and Richard Martin are the two senior partners at Martin & Wallentine. Both are very experienced, qualified, and skilled lawyers.

Jerry Wallentine

Attorney Jerry Wallentine has spent years focusing his efforts primarily on DUI defense. Mr. Wallentine has experienced success in hundreds of criminal cases, and has considerable trial experience. Mr. Wallentine also has many years of experience as a professional speaker. If you are facing a DUI or alcohol-related driving charge, Mr. Wallentine can zealously defend you against the prosecution. Mr. Wallentine has trained on many issues surrounding DUI, and has even taken the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests training course.

Further, Mr. Wallentine has taken and completed the Instructor's course for teaching the NHTSA SFST. Thanks to his extensive study and training, Mr. Wallentine will likely know much more about the standardized field sobriety tests that were administered to a DUI client than will the officer who administered the tests. Mr. Wallentine will be the attorney personally handling all criminal issues concerning your Kansas drunk driving charge.

Mr. Wallentine is a member of the prestigious drunk driving defense group, DUI Defense Lawyers Association.

Richard Martin

Attorney Richard Martin has spent years focusing primarily on civil litigation. Mr. Martin aggressively represents his clients, and has achieved significant legal victories for his clients. He has dealt with complex litigation, and is thoroughly familiar with the legal intricacies that may be involved in a complicated case. Some DUI defenses may involve civil issues. This is where Mr. Martin shines. Hiring the Martin & Wallentine firm for your DUI defense gives you access to a team of lawyers who are focused on your specific needs throughout the litigation.

Our Office

We are proud to present our legal administrative assistant, Taylor Tuckness. Taylor runs our front office at Martin & Wallentine. Taylor keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently. She is very thoughtful, attentive, and intelligent. We are confident that you will appreciate Taylor, as do all of our clients.

DUI Lawyers to Fight for You

We aggressively represent and fight for our clients throughout Kansas. We represent clients in Olathe, Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, Shawnee, Kansas City, and Johnson County.

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